Saturday, June 19, 2010

An Alternative To The 3M ATG.

I have coveted the 3M ATG since seeing it being used on various video tutorials and thought I'd check it out for myself. They are expensive and don't come with the glue tape so that has to be purchased separately. All up about $100.00. Admittedly, that gives you about 55m of glue but it's a lot of money isn't it? Also apparently it's quite complicated to reload. So what's the alternative I hear you ask? This is : The Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro. It looks prettier too. It does come with a glue cartridge already installed, so that's a bonus, and installing a new cartridge is as easy as popping out the old one and putting in the new one. There are a couple of widths to choose from as well and there is about 12m of tape on each one. The best bit is the price...under $20.00. I paid $17.95 online for mine and and I have found refill cartridges for as little as $12.00. I'm hooked on mine! They are super easy to use but, be warned, the adhesive is permanent and fast. You have to be absolutely sure where you want it because that's where it's going to stay!