Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kaisercraft "Rewind" And Boy Cards.

Ah! Boy cards! So hard to do if you're like me and luuurve the pretty papers and lots of ribbony, flowery, sparkly embellishments. I find it very difficult to think "boy" especially when the card you agonised over is probably going to end up in the bin, unless, maybe, Mum rescues it. Even commercial cardmakers seem to suffer from a severe lack of imagination when it comes to cards for the opposite sex. All I ever see is the obligatory car, train, sailboat or sport cards.......boring!! I'm not even sure if these cards are entirely finished yet. I think they still need "something". I don't know yet what that something is. Maybe just a sentiment, maybe just some hardware but the more I look at them the more I think they need something else. I have also started to decorate the page of the card that you write on as well. I had never thought about it until I saw another card somewhere on the www with the inner page done. Now my cards look  more finished I think.

Happy Cardmaking