Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Little Project This Afternoon.

Who knew what you could do with some fabric, buttons, circle templates and pinking shears! Aren't they divine? I generally make my cards to go into envelopes so they can't be to lumpy and bumpy. I have seen these flowers on a card or LO somewhere and they are perfect for cards that you want to pop in an envelope. The fabric is from Elizabeth the Vintage Fabric Addict, you can find her fabulous store here and the buttons are courtesy of my Grandmother's button box that I inherited. Could it be any easier?


The Clip Cafe said...

I so want to make some of these one day - they are so sweet! Are they hard? I love the colour combo's :-)

mobolilu said...

Wow this are wonderful flowers! And you are right- they probably will fit much better in an envelop! Here in Germany it is going to be much mor expensive to send a letter when it is to high!
And-- yes she is a Chihuahua and her name means a butterfly which loves to eat fabric-- But in german we use "motte" together with "sweet" for something cute--"süsse Motte" and she is a cute little doggy!---like yours I think...
So have a good day!
All the best Ilo form Bavaria!

Vintage Fabric Addict said...

HI Tracie
Thats Great!
i love the flowers, made a few myself and they are always so effective.
That looks like the luxe swatch pack huh?
your blog is also gorgeous and I've just become a signed up follower.
It's great to meet another single mum in blog land.
I look forward to reading more about your crafty adventures!
cheers elizabeth